Top 15 tourist places in Madurai – UPDATED 2024

Top 15 tourist places in Madurai
Top 15 tourist places in Madurai

Top 15 tourist places in Madurai – UPDATED 2024


Top 15 Madurai tourist places: The spiritual sanctuary of Madurai district is an ancient metropolis located in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. It is one of the metropolitan cities in Tamil Nadu. Madurai Located on the banks of the Vaigai River, Madurai has a rich historical background.

Lord Shiva, the earth-carrying god, has performed sixty-four miracles in this city. The Cholas ruled from about AD 920 to the 13th century. In AD 1223 the Pandyas regained power.

Here the Pandya kings greatly contributed to the development of the “Tamil” language. The Nayaka kings ruled the territories under their control independently. Tirumalainayak was born in the Nayak dynasty. He ruled Madurai from 1623 to 1659.

The city has many historical monuments and various tourist sites. Meenakshiyamman Temple, Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace etc. are prominent among them.

Many celebrations are held here throughout the year. Meenakshi Amman Thirukalyanam, also known as Chithirath festival, is the main festival of the city which is celebrated for 10 days every year.

Let’s take a detailed look at the best tourist spots in Madurai and their specialties.

Meenakshi Amman Temple

Meenakshi Amman Temple, also known as Meenakshi-Sundereswarar Temple, is a famous tourist attraction in Madurai and one of the oldest temples in India.

This temple is very important to the people of India due to its mythological stories and historical importance. It is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati in the form of Sundareshwar.

Known for its stunning architecture, this temple attracts thousands of devotees every day. The magnificent architecture of the temple is definitely one of the wonders of India.

The most famous Tirukalyana festival in South India is celebrated annually for 10 days and is visited by more than one lakh devotees.

Thirumalai Nayak Mahal

One of Madurai’s most popular tourist attractions, the Tirumala Nayak Palace was originally the residence of the then King Tirumala Nayak. The palace is a testament to the perfect blend of Dravidian and Islamic architecture.

Tirumala Nayak Palace was built in 1636 AD in the city of Madurai by King Tirumala Nayak. The palace depicts a perfect blend of Dravidian and Rajput styles.

After independence, the palace was declared a national monument and continues to be one of the most spectacular monuments of South India to this day. This magnificent palace is located near the famous Meenakshi Amman Temple.

Depicting Saracenic architecture, it was built during the reign of the Nayak dynasty and is widely considered to be the most famous monument built by the Madurai Nayak dynasty. The light and sound show here, every evening, makes the visit even more memorable.

Alagar Koil

Alaghar Temple is a beautiful temple located in the northeast of Madurai. The temple is the resting place of Vishnu and a holy place for many Vishnu devotees in the region.

About 21 km from Madurai, Alaghar Temple also known as Alaghar Temple is one of the most visited temples in Madurai. Apart from the religious significance the temple holds, it is an architectural marvel.

Depicting the forms and styles of the Early Sangam period, the era to which it belongs, the temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple walls are decorated with fine, mesmerizing carvings, while there are several mandapas.

Located on the Alaghar Hill, it is also known as the Alaghar Temple. The Lord’s idol is completely made of stone and is a magnificent masterpiece created by Kallalkar.

A variety of idols in various postures of the Lord are housed in the temple under one roof and this is the best form of unique temples in South India.

Devotees offer holy prayers from the bottom of their hearts. The sacred surroundings have spectacular halls and other facilities to perform different rituals with sacred mantras.

The main deity here is Sundararajan, the brother of Goddess Meenakshi. The temple has some shrines dedicated to deities like Andal, Sudarsana and Yoga Narasimha.

Aayiram Kaal Mandapam

Ayrangal Mandapam is a masterpiece of the Pandya period carved out of a single rock. Located inside the Meenakshi Amman temple, this mandapam has 1000 pillars built in 1569.

Meenakshi Amman goes to this hall after entering the temple. Antiquities are displayed around the 1000 pillared hall.

The sculptures and carvings on each pillar are unique and magnificent. It is amazing that such intricate carvings and sculptures were made hundreds of years ago.

Very artistic and tasteful. In the center of this hall is the statue of Nataraja. It is an example of the marvel of Indian architecture. Inside the temple it is up to you to discover the exquisitely carved intricate carvings.

Built in 1569 by Arianatha Mudaliar, this mandapam is a combination of engineering skill and artistic vision. At the entrance to the hall is a statue of Arianatha Mudaliar seated on a horse on one side of the temple entrance.

Devotees sometimes garland this idol. Each pillar in the hall is a carved monument of Dravidian sculpture. Prominent among the carved figures are Rathi, Kartikeya, Ganesha, Shiva as a wandering ascetic and an endless number of yalis.

The mandapam houses the Temple Art Museum, which houses icons, photographs, paintings and other exhibits of the 1200-year-old history of the temple.

Outside this hall, on the west side, there are musical pillars. Each pillar, when struck, produces a different musical tone.

Samanar Hill

Samanar Hill is one of the main tourist attractions of Madurai, full of natural scenery. The hill campus is located in Keezakuilgudi village, about 15 km from the main city of Madurai.

The importance of this place lies deep in the presence of Tamil Jain monks who lived here about 2000 years ago. The carvings on the walls describe the lifestyle and rules followed by the monks.

A beautiful lotus temple is also located in the complex. Here is a beautiful hilltop complex where Tamil Jain monks lived. The mountain caves are a popular tourist attraction and have elaborate sculptures and paintings of monks on the interior walls. This place is situated in a beautiful lotus temple complex.

Gandhi Memorial Museum

The Gandhi Memorial Museum also serves as a memorial to the efforts of our Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Established in his honor in 1959, eleven years after his death, it is one of the few Gandhi museums in the country.

Located in the heart of Madurai, the museum houses significant relics of Indian history such as the blood-stained cloth worn by Gandhi during his assassination in 1948.

It is one of the fifth largest Gandhi museums in the country, depicting life. Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurated the complex on 15 April 1959 and the illustrations convey an understanding of the struggle for freedom during the British era.

The Gandhi Memorial Museum in Madurai falls under the United Nations designated Global Peace Museum. Special collections include historical stamps of British-ruled India and letters written to Mahatma Gandhi.

Letters sent to poet Subramania Bharati and famous dictator Adolf Hitler are kept here. The most exciting part of the museum is the 124 rare photographs of Gandhiji’s personal life.

It contains images depicting various stages from his childhood to being taken to the crematorium. The museum also houses the blood-stained cloth he used on the day he was killed. The museum also has replicas of about 100 memorabilia and artefacts of Gandhiji.

Kudal Alagar Temple

For Vishnu worshippers, the Kudal Alaghar Temple is definitely one of the best places to visit in Madurai. Built by Pandyas, this temple is located in the heart of Madurai city.

Kudal is another name for Madurai, Alaghar means “beautiful” in Tamil. The entire temple is surrounded by a black stone wall, built in the Dravidian style of architecture and believed to have been built by the Pandyas.

Vishnu is referred to as Koodal Alagar and his consort Lakshmi Maduravalli. This grand temple, beautifully carved and incorporating shades of different colors, attracts the eyes of the onlookers.

Lord Vishnu is placed in the 65th place among the 108 Divyadeshas as Sri Kudal Alaghar Thala Vridksham. This ancient temple is near the famous Meenakshi Amman temple.

Spread over an area of 2.5 acres, the temple conducts six-day pujas. The three different postures of Lord Vishnu in close proximity to each other make this temple very rare and unique.

The temple complex is large and built in traditional style with large front towers and beautiful planes. Thousands of pilgrims come here every day during the Tamil month of Vaikasi (May-June) to offer their prayers.

Glorified by the words of ancient literature from the Sangam period to the works of Azhwar, the temple is the present incarnation of the unique craftsmanship of the past.

Vandiyur Mariamman Theppakulam

Vandiyur Mariamman Theppakulam, built by King Thirumalai Nayak, is located near the temple of the same name. About 2 km from the Meenakshi Amman Temple, this temple pond is a place of worship where people engage in devotional worship.

Linked by the Vaigai River, the pool is a magnificent structure with underground canals and 12 tall, granite steps on all four sides.

In the middle of the pond, there is a main hall called the center hall or madhya mandapam, a garden and a Ganesha temple.

The tank is full of water throughout the year. Legend has it that during ancient excavations, the idol of this temple was also found from the bottom of the pond.

Since then, the pond gained its fame and a temple was built in his memory. Various types of festivals are celebrated in the temple and all the rituals are performed with great pomp and joy and people enjoy a wonderful time during their stay in the temple.

Madurai Pandi Temple

Pandi Temple is one of the spiritual sites to be found in Madurai. Not even a single day in this temple can be seen empty or without devotees. Pandi Muneeswarar is the lord and savior of Kodanukodi.

It is the vision of God that inspires our spiritual soul and takes us to another world. The devotees of Pandi temple have unwavering faith in Pandi Muneeswarar.

Pandi Muneshwar emerges from his shrine with sharp eyes, a dark mustache and a white turban. She is decorated with many garlands, silk balls and sandalwood and blesses the devotees.

As Pandi Muneshwar is a Shaivite deity, only fruits and flowers are offered to him. Some devout devotees name their children and grandchildren after God’s name Pandi.

The people of Pandi temple first shave and pierce their children’s ears. Mundan is considered one of the most precious offerings to the Lord by devoting its beauty to the Lord.

Many devotees shave their heads in this temple. Inside this temple there is another deity known as Samaya Karuppar, people sacrifice goat and chicken to this deity and devotees offer wine, cigar and liquor.

Pazhamudhir Solai

Palamudhir Oasis is one of the attractive tourist spots in Madurai. Palamuthir Oasis is a beautiful temple built in the memory of Lord Subrahmanya who is worshiped by many in South India.

Known as the smallest abode of Lord Muruga, the Palamudir oasis is surrounded by dense forests. Although it is a very small settlement, the temple here is important for devotees.

It is located 20 km from Madurai city and sits quietly on a hill near the Vishnu temple of Alaghar Temple.

People often circumambulate the temple and worship with the hope that their wishes will be fulfilled. It is the grandest Subramanian temple in South India and one of the most beautiful.

Tirupparankundram Murugan Temple

Tiruparangunram Murugan Temple is one of the pilgrimage sites in South India. The temple is a classic masterpiece of art.

Thiruparangunram Murugan Temple, with its rich cultural significance, should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Madurai.

It is one of the six thalams of Lord Muruga. Legend has it that this is also the place where Murugan defeated the demon Surpadman and married Indra’s daughter Devayani.

The special feature of this temple is its rock-cut architecture, which is popularly believed to have been built by the Pandyas. People believe that getting married at Tiruparangunram Murugan Temple is auspicious for a happy and successful married life.

It is a divine and blissful place where the Sun and Moon can be seen together on many occasions of the day. It is considered a holy place for marriages and most of the marriages in the suburbs take place in this temple.

Subramania Thirumanjanam is celebrated in this temple with great pomp and since then many people have been tying the knot in front of the Lord in this temple.

St. Marys Cathedral

St. Mary’s Cathedral is a Gothic-style Catholic church located on East Valley Street in Madurai.

With a rich history of more than 50 years, the church is an eclectic mix of Romanesque, European and Continental architecture.

The statue of Virgin Mary installed here is dressed in a sari. This church has a regular influx of visitors throughout the year.


Located in Madurai, the ISKCON Temple is a revered Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Krishna and his consort Radha.

Chants and songs are always played in the temple and offerings are made to the devotees. The complex has a pure vegetarian restaurant for devotees and other visitors.

No trip to Madurai is complete without a visit to the beautiful and serene ISKCON temple. Also known as Radha Madurapati, dedicated to Radha and Krishna.

The temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Madurai. The brown and white palace-like complex of the temple has amazingly carved pillars, walls and sanctum sanctorum in keeping with ISKCON tradition and beauty.

Chants of Krishna, rolling clouds and the scent of burning incense, the twinkling of bells provide an ideal environment for meditation here. The white marble idols of Krishna and Radha are adorned with beautiful ‘vastra’ and ornaments.

Don’t miss attending evening aartis, devotional discourses and kirtans. There is a small restaurant within the premises which serves simple and delicious vegetarian food.

Kasimar Great Mosque

Kasimar Great Mosque is the oldest mosque in Madurai. It is located near Periyar Bus Stand in Madurai.

The mosque is of important religious importance and is visited by pilgrims from far and wide.

With a seating capacity of around 1500 people, the mosque has an impressive architecture with a magnificent mausoleum.

Koripalayam Dargah

Koripalayam Dargah also known as Haja Syed Sultan Alauddin Syed Sultan Samsuddin Auliya Dargah is located in Madurai.

Built in green and white, the mosque has large minarets and a magnificent dome.

It also houses the dargahs of Hazrat Sultan Alauddin Badusha and Hazrat Sultan Shamsuddin Badusha. The site is of great religious importance and is visited by pilgrims from far and wide.