Top 7 Film Production Insurance: Discover the Best Coverage and Cost!

Unveiling the Ultimate Guide to 7 Top Film Production Insurance: Discover the Best Coverage and Cost!


Film Production Insurance: Film production is an exhilarating and ever-changing realm bursting with imagination. Yet, amidst the excitement, there exist substantial hazards encompassing personal harm, equipment destruction, and legal entanglements. To safeguard investments and minimize these perils, comprehensive film production insurance is imperative. This piece endeavors to illuminate the significance of this insurance, explore the various policy options, and guide you in selecting the ideal coverage for your production.

Top 7 Film Production Insurance Companies

Selecting the appropriate insurance provider is a vital decision to guarantee sufficient protection for your film production. Each company brings distinct advantages, such as comprehensive coverage, flexibility, industry expertise, or specialization in specific policy types. In this segment, we will examine seven prominent film production insurance companies, acclaimed for their excellence in specific areas. Whether you seek multiple quotes, general liability insurance, or collaboration with well-informed independent agents, there is a provider tailored to meet the unique needs of every production.

Simple Business: Great for comparing multiple quotes

Next: Best for affordable public liability insurance

Chubb: Great for detailed coverage of film production studios

Allianz: Best for international products

Truman Van Dyke Company: Best for career experience

Front Line Insurance: Great for various entertainment policies

Tivly: Best brokerage to work with independent and knowledgeable agents.

Simply Business: Ideal for Comparing Multiple Quotes

Simply Business is an online brokerage specializing in business insurance, offering a convenient platform to compare quotes from various insurers. Partnering with esteemed carriers, they provide an extensive array of coverage options for film production studios. Their services assist in identifying the optimal insurance solution tailored to your specific film production needs by presenting multiple choices.


• Enables comparison of multiple quotes for the best rates and coverage.

• User-friendly online platform.

• Offers a broad range of business insurance types, including film production insurance.


• Acts as a middleman and does not underwrite its policies.

• Customer service experience may vary, dependent on the selected insurance provider.

NEXT: Top Choice for Cost-Effective General Liability Insurance

NEXT stands out as an innovative insurance company that specializes in customized policies for small businesses. They have gained recognition for their robust and budget-friendly general liability coverage, which holds paramount importance for film productions. 


• Comprehensive general liability insurance offering. 

• Affordable coverage specifically tailored for film productions. 

• Swift and hassle-free online quoting process. 

• Ability to accommodate small to medium-sized productions. 


• May not possess the same level of industry expertise as some other providers specialized in the film industry. 

• Coverage limits might not be sufficient for larger-scale productions.

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Chubb: Unmatched Coverage for Film Production Studios

As a global insurance giant, Chubb offers a wide array of insurance products, including tailored coverage for the entertainment and film production industry. Renowned for its vast reach and generous coverage limits, Chubb is a top choice for comprehensive protection.


• Extensive and customizable coverage options.

• Generous coverage limits, ideal for large-scale productions.

• Global presence and expertise across various markets.


• Premiums may be higher compared to other insurers due to their comprehensive coverage.

• Their size and scale may result in less personalized customer service.

Allianz: Premier Option for International Productions

Allianz, a prominent global insurance leader, boasts a formidable suite of offerings for the film industry. Their entertainment insurance can be customized to align with the unique requirements of any production, making them an excellent choice for both domestic and international projects. 


• Tailored coverage that caters to a diverse range of productions. 

• Extensive experience in handling international projects, ideal for overseas productions. 

• Strong financial ratings and unwavering stability. 


• Due to their size, customer service may be less personalized. 

• Coverage costs may be higher compared to other providers.

Front Row Insurance: Best for a variety of entertainment policies

Front Row Insurance specializes in providing insurance solutions tailored to the entertainment industry, including film productions, theater productions, and events. Their extensive coverage options and industry expertise make them a trusted choice in this niche field.


  • Offers a diverse selection of insurance policies specifically designed for the entertainment industry.
  • Particularly beneficial for smaller or independent productions seeking suitable coverage.
  • Recognized for their excellent customer service, thanks to their specialized focus on the entertainment sector.


  • May not possess the same international presence as larger competitors, limiting their reach in some regions.
  • Coverage limits may not adequately cater to the needs of large-scale productions.

Tivly: Premier Brokerage Firm for Collaborating with Independent and Experienced Agents 

Tivly stands out as a specialized brokerage firm catering to the unique requirements of the entertainment industry. Their key focus is on partnering with independent agents who possess a profound understanding of film production insurance, ensuring a tailored and well-informed approach to their clients’ needs.


  • Employs independent agents who possess extensive knowledge and expertise in the film industry.
  • Provides a personalized approach, carefully matching clients with the most suitable coverage options.
  • Collaborates with a diverse range of insurers, ensuring access to the best-fit policies for individual needs.


  • As a brokerage firm, Tivly does not underwrite its policies.
  • The quality of your experience may depend on the specific agent you work with, as individual expertise and service may vary.

Why film production insurance is important?

Engaging in film making comes with inherent risks. Regardless of the budget, all productions are exposed to various degrees of uncertainty. Without adequate insurance coverage, these risks can result in significant financial setbacks and potential legal consequences.

For instance, consider a scenario where a camera operator inadvertently drops a high-end camera during a crucial scene, resulting in substantial damage and repair costs. Alternatively, an actor may sustain an injury while on set, necessitating expensive medical treatments and potentially leading to legal disputes. Without insurance, the burden of covering these expenses would fall squarely on the production company’s shoulders.

Different types of film production insurance

Film production insurance is a highly specialized field that recognizes the unique risks inherent in the industry. There are multiple types of insurance coverage available, each tailored to address specific challenges faced during film making:

Production Package Insurance: 

This comprehensive policy offers bundled coverage, safeguarding against a wide range of potential risks. For instance, if unforeseen circumstances such as a natural disaster damage your set or cause production delays, this policy will help mitigate the associated costs.

Illustrating the Need for Film Production Insurance: Over the years, numerous high-profile cases have highlighted the importance of insurance in the film industry. Here are a few notable examples:

“The Matrix Reloaded” (2003) serves as a prime example of relying on production insurance. During filming, a stunt performer sustained an injury in an on-set accident. The insurance policy covered the expenses related to the accident, including production delays.

Another significant instance involves the production of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” in 2012. Director Peter Jackson unexpectedly underwent emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer, resulting in a weeks-long production halt. Production insurance played a crucial role in covering the costs associated with the delay, including keeping the cast and crew on standby, maintaining the sets, and managing other related expenses.

These examples underscore the necessity of having robust insurance coverage in place to protect against unforeseen events and potential financial setbacks throughout the filmmaking process. Film production insurance plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth progress of projects while mitigating the financial risks that can arise in this dynamic industry.

Cast insurance: 

Cast insurance is a specialized type of coverage that plays a crucial role in mitigating risks associated with key actors in a film. Should a prominent cast member experience a severe illness or injury, rendering them unable to participate in the production and leading to a halt or delay, cast insurance steps in to provide financial protection by covering the expenses related to reshoots or delays.

A prominent example that exemplifies the importance of cast insurance is the case of Paul Walker in “Fast & Furious 7” (2015). Tragically, Walker passed away in a car accident unrelated to the film’s production. This unexpected event necessitated significant alterations to the movie’s storyline.

The filmmakers filed a claim with their insurance provider, Fireman’s Fund, resulting in one of the largest insurance payouts in history, estimated at around $50 million. The insurance coverage helped finance essential measures such as script rewrites, the use of CGI technology, and the employment of Walker’s brothers as stand-ins to complete the film.

Stunt insurance:

Film productions that involve action scenes or stunts inherently entail heightened risks. To safeguard against the potential for more severe injuries and damages, stunt insurance offers specialized coverage tailored to these specific challenges.

A poignant example illustrating the importance of stunt insurance is the production of “The Expendables 2” (2012). During the filming of a stunt sequence involving an explosion, an unfortunate accident occurred, resulting in the tragic death of a stuntman and injuries to another.

In response, the production company filed a claim with their insurance provider to cover the consequential costs, encompassing potential lawsuits and production delays. This case serves as a poignant reminder of the critical role played by stunt insurance in the film industry.

By offering specialized coverage for the increased risks associated with action scenes and stunts, this insurance ensures that production companies are protected financially in the event of accidents or unforeseen incidents. Stunt insurance plays a vital role in providing peace of mind and financial security while enabling productions to pursue thrilling and dynamic sequences safely.

General liability insurance: 

A general liability policy provides essential coverage for accidents that may transpire on set, addressing potential incidents like an actor tripping over a cable and sustaining a broken leg. In such cases, this insurance would shoulder the medical expenses incurred by the injured party and also offer protection against potential legal fees if the individual decides to pursue legal action.

By offering comprehensive coverage, general liability insurance plays a crucial role in safeguarding productions from unforeseen liabilities arising from on-set accidents, providing financial security and peace of mind.

Workers’ compensation insurance: 

Consider a scenario where a crew member involved in rigging lights falls off a ladder, resulting in a back injury. In such unfortunate instances, workers’ compensation insurance comes into play, providing coverage for the individual’s medical expenses and compensating for lost wages during the recovery period.

By offering this crucial protection, workers’ compensation insurance ensures that crew members are appropriately supported in the event of work-related injuries, promoting their well-being and financial stability.

Professional liability insurance: 

If an individual makes a claim alleging defamation or copyright infringement in your film, professional liability insurance, commonly referred to as Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance, steps in to cover the legal expenses associated with your defense.

This vital insurance provides financial protection and peace of mind by addressing potential legal challenges, ensuring that you can effectively respond to such claims and safeguard your creative work.

How to choose the right film production insurance?

Determining the appropriate insurance policy relies on understanding the unique aspects of your production. Take into consideration key factors such as the genre of the film, the size of the crew, filming locations, the presence of stunts or potentially risky activities, and the value of the equipment involved.

To ensure you secure the most suitable coverage, it is highly recommended to collaborate with an experienced insurance broker who specializes in the film industry. Their expertise will guide you in assessing your specific needs and acquiring the insurance policy that offers the best possible protection for your production.

How much does film production insurance cost?

Film production insurance costs can vary significantly, influenced by several factors such as the film’s budget, policy duration, coverage type, coverage amount, and the specific risks associated with the production. Premiums, deductibles, and policy limits are crucial

considerations when budgeting for insurance expenses.To find the most cost-effective insurance option for your productions, it is recommended to collaborate with multiple insurance companies or a reputable brokerage firm like Simply Business or Tivly.

By comparing quotes from different providers, you can identify the most affordable insurance policy that still meets your coverage requirements. Taking the time to evaluate various options ensures that you secure the best value for your investment in insurance protection.

How to find cheap film production insurance? 

Discovering cost-effective film production insurance that provides sufficient coverage can present a challenge. Nevertheless, it is possible to obtain a more affordable policy without compromising on the necessary protection. Consider the following tips to help you find affordable film production insurance:

1. Assess your specific needs: Understand the unique requirements of your production, including the level of coverage necessary for your project’s scope and potential risks.

2. Compare quotes: Request quotes from multiple insurance providers or work with a brokerage firm experienced in the film industry. By comparing quotes, you can identify more cost-effective options that meet your coverage requirements.

3. Bundle coverage: Inquire about bundling multiple policies into a comprehensive package. This approach can often lead to discounted rates and cost savings.

4. Evaluate deductibles and policy limits: Adjusting deductibles and policy limits can affect the cost of insurance premiums. Find the right balance that provides sufficient coverage while keeping costs manageable.

5. Risk management practices: Implement effective risk management strategies to reduce the likelihood of incidents and claims. Insurance providers may offer more favorable rates to productions with strong risk management protocols in place.

By employing these tips, you can enhance your chances of finding affordable film production insurance that still provides the necessary coverage to protect your project effectively.


Comprehending and obtaining suitable film production insurance is a crucial aspect of any thriving film project. It safeguards your investment, shields you from unexpected events, and provides the assurance that you are adequately covered in the event of accidents.

It’s important to recognize that the purpose of film production insurance extends beyond financial protection. It also grants filmmakers peace of mind, allowing them to concentrate on realizing their creative vision. With the right insurance policy in place, filmmakers can enjoy the freedom to pursue their artistic endeavors, knowing that even in the most challenging circumstances, they are safeguarded.

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