iPhone 15 Pro Design Leaked. Lots of features.. Mass Update!. Don’t miss it!

iPhone 15 Pro

iPhone 15 Pro Design Leaked. Lots of features.. Mass Update!. Don’t miss it!


iPhone 15 Pro design has now leaked online. Its new rounder edge design, camera and other information has also been released, which has raised expectations among customers. Apple has launched iPhone 14 series in 2022. The phone has been highlighted this time due to the introduction of Dynamic Island and minor changes in the design. Now the iPhone 15 series has been launched this year. Even before its release, the iPhone series has raised huge expectations. iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max reveal rounder-edge design, different buttons and camera design.

iPhone 15 Pro

According to a 9to5Mac post, iPhone 15 Pro features a redesigned titanium clamshell body. There are soft edges in the corners and towards the screen. The body of the smartphone has a seamless integration with the display, with a slight curve where the glass merges with the titanium shell. It offers this phone super slim bezels at 1.55mm across, while the mobile features the same phill-shaped dynamic island notch introduced in this phone and Pro Max series.

The titanium body redesign of the this phone makes the device 70.46mm wide. It is down from 71.45 mm in the previous model. It is about a millimetre thin. At the same time, it will not be the same as in hand. However, the edges of the phone are smooth.

Apart from this phone has even bigger rear cameras. It will have new sensors that will “capture more light and reduce exposure,” according to the leaked post. It appears to be different from the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which will have a periscope lens for telephoto optical zoom.

Periscope zoom lens

According to the information, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will also have a small camera protrusion. It is also called periscope zoom lens. According to speculations, cameras will feature an entirely new sensor technology.It is said to be the best phone for photography and videography.

USB-C port

USB-C ports are widely expected to be included in all iPhone 15 versions, but fast charging is limited to Apple-certified USB-C cables. Rumors suggest that the volume and mute buttons will be replaced by haptics. Two haptic engines are provided to simulate button presses.

There will be no sliding switch. But will be a haptic button. Like the back glass, the screen glass only has 1.55mm bezels. Thin bezels make this phone narrower than previous models in the same series. However, there will be no change in screen size. Apart from Deep Red, the phone is currently available in White, Space Black and Gold.

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