Google Introduced New Accessibility Features! How to Use it on Our Smartphones?

Google New Accessibility Features

Google Introduced New Accessibility Features! How to Use it on Our Smartphones?


Google has introduced new Accessibility Features. These facilities are available to all Android smartphone users across the globe. The main feature is that it can do many jobs with AI. This post details which applications currently have these features and how we can use them.

Google Live Caption

Now with the help of AI, Live Caption will provide you with any video or audio. And with this, we can talk to the next person on the phone. It will initially be available for Google Pixel and select Samsung Galaxy phones. It works in languages like French, Italian, and German along with English.

Google Accessibility Tools

Google, one of the leading companies in the world of technology, has developed its new Accessibility Tools. Accessibility tools, which play an important role in the functioning of smartphones , will now run with the help of AI, according to Google.

New Lookout Image

The Lookout app launched by Google in 2019 was developed for the visually impaired. This app will do everything for them from sending emails to buying groceries for the home with the help of AI. Now a new ‘Image Question and answer’ facility has been introduced. Through this, if they take a photo, Google will give them a description of it with the help of AI. With this, we can directly ask questions and get answers.

Google Maps for people with disabilities

This means that Google Maps will now show us all the places where people with disabilities can do. This, before going to a place, people with disabilities can tell about the place using a wheelchair.

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Advanced Chrome Browser

Google will suggest many websites to help us know the details of the URL we type. It is currently featured in Chrome Desktop. The same is also expected to be available on mobile apps soon. With this, even those who do not know the language can easily find the websites they are looking for. The details of the websites we have already visited are also saved and improved so that they are easily available when we need them.

New WearOS 4 update

Just like the new Text to speech feature introduced last year, this year a new sound and display mode has been introduced. With this, we can now use many unique features in our smartwatches.

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